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August 10, 2018
Looking for info on EISA?  Join NEEP's webinar on 9/14.  Register here. In the appliance standards world, 2018 started off with a bang! Five states (three in the Northeast) pursued legislation featuring a range of new appliance efficiency standards...
August 8, 2018
As we head into August, we inch closer to the inevitable September 1 rental property turnover in the greater Boston area. With all of the colleges and universities in the area, it is the biggest move-in day in the city. With this turnover comes the...
August 7, 2018
I was driving to work early on a beautiful summery Monday morning, mentally already in the office getting ready for a busy day. As I approached one familiar intersection, there was a different speed limit sign – not the typical “Speed Limit 20” post...

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